360 photography is still a relatively new technology, but more and more businesses are starting to see their value, both as individual photos and virtual tours. Through their versatility, 360 photos (aka panoramas) can help businesses gain more exposure, grow an online following, and bring more people through the door. You may be wondering, “How can these fancy photos in 360 degrees help me do all of these things?” Read on for the top 3 ways that 360 photos can benefit your business.

Immerse Your Audience: The main benefit of 360 photos over regular photos is the fact that they place the viewer right in the middle of the action, as if they were actually there. Because of this, it’s vital to make your photo engaging to make them want to be there. You can walk them through your entire place with a virtual tour or show off your newly redesigned dining area on Facebook. Doing these things properly will encourage your audience to come in and see it for themselves.

Shareability: Thanks to Facebook’s compatibility with 360 photos, business pages are able to easily post the photos for their following to see. 360 photos are good at grabbing attention, so make them creative to keep them hooked! Something we do at SphereHero is sneak our teddy bear mascot into photos for our followers to look for. If the photo is engaging, it may prompt your viewers to share it, thus increasing your exposure and potentially growing your following.

Stand Out: As with all new tech, everyone will eventually be getting on board with 360 photos. As a business owner, you want to make sure to stay ahead of the curve in order to outdo your competitors. Being the only one on the block with a virtual tour will really make you stand out from everyone else, thus putting more eyes on your stuff and people in your location. Local businesses who have 360 photos have already started to see a positive trend in website traffic, social media following, and customers.

If you’re a business owner in the Orange County area and want to get some 360 photos of your location, SphereHero can get it done professionally, affordably, and with high quality in mind. Click here to learn more about our packages for Orange County businesses or here to book your appointment now.

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